25 MARCH 2008

A beach littered with debris and fallen trees.
February 2005 Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Coral reef destruction
February 2007
Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Devastation of the inland fishing area

March 2005
Nagappattinam, India

The vegetation was stripped off the rock in

the background of probably 20 to 30 feet high.
Loose sedimentary material with rock particles
filled the river mouth.
March 2005
Mouth of the Indian Ocean

"When the tsunami hit some inland villages
in the Nagappattinam area of India, it didn’t
destroy homes or take lives as it did in the
more coastal areas. Instead, in villages
composed of inland fishermen and farmers,
the tsunami took away people’s livelihoods. It
destroyed inland fishing areas and covered
farmland with more than a foot of sand."
-Reclaiming What the Tsunami Took Away

" The natural disaster causes the suffering
for human as well as animals.
There are 6
wildlife left in Wulandari mini zoo in Banda
Aceh in a very poor condition and hungry. These
species are; monkey (pig tail macaque), angora
cat, python, turtle and crane/stork. The owner
of the zoo has fled the area when the disaster
struck, and left the wildlife behind.
ProFauna team visited this mini zoo,
is no food available for these wild animals.
The cages are full of rubbish and are flooded.

" Sadly those rescued wildlife placed at
(council of conservation of natural
resources) site in Aceh also affected by the
disaster. The cages are destroyed. On the ruined
cages there is evidence of clumps of tiger’s
flesh and fur, we have no idea what is the
fate of that tiger

-Tsunami, Human and Animal in Aceh